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An Arduino timer using old HP 5082-7302 displays

My latest little project was to build something out of a handful of old HP 5082-7302 numeric indicators and my home-made breadboarded (almost) Arduino. These displays are very easy to use once you get past the errors in (some versions of) the datasheet. That is fortunate because they stopped making them a long time ago and there isn’t much information or libraries available for controlling them.

The result was a timer that counts up from zero and with a button for resetting it, and a pair of Arduino libraries. The first library, HPNumberDisplay, can control an array of HP5082-7300/7302 (and probably 7340) displays. The second library, TimeCounter, can count (increment/decrement) time by arbitrary amounts. All source code for the libraries are available here.

A timer build from an Atmega328p and five HP5082-7302 displays.
A timer build from an Atmega328p and five HP5082-7302 displays.

I also recorded a short demo using my old camera. The quality could be better. Some day I will buy a proper camera.



5 thoughts on “An Arduino timer using old HP 5082-7302 displays”

  1. Hi
    I came across your project after I googled the HP 5082-7300 digital displays. I’m trying to source these items but as you say in your write-up, they stopped making them. If you can help I would be very grateful but do not feel obliged to reply if you view this email as inappropriate.
    Yours sincerely
    Iori Evans


    1. Can’t help you with that unfortunately. I got mine from a box of old spare parts and long-obsolete components. I don’t know where you could get them today. Unless they are available on Ebay?


  2. Hi, I keep getting errors with the example file because of the scheduler library, how were you able to run the code on atmega328p when the scheduler library claims to run on sam/samd structure?
    Is there another library with the same name?


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